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“It’s always interesting to me when people say, ‘I’m not gonna’ have sex until I really love the person.’ To me that’s kinda’ like saying ‘I’m not gonna’ rob the bank until I really need money.'”
-Amber Haskew, Day of Purity coordinator

I hate this time of year for two reasons:
1. I’ve never had a girlfriend.
2. People bombard me with the same question: “Jake, are you really still a virgin?”

That question sucks because I’ve always had to give the same answer: “Yes, I’m really still a virgin.” But this year’s different – I’m no longer giving that answer. From now on when asked that question, my response will be: “Not for long.” Now I say this, not because I’ve decided to “throw in the towel” and do it (sexual intercourse). Rather I say this because I believe it won’t be long before I’m married and am allowed to have sexual intercourse.

Before explaining my reason for believing this, before pointing out how to take a stand for purity, and before describing how we, as unmarried Christians, can prepare ourselves and our future spouse for marriage, before all that I want you to reflect on the following Bible verse:

“But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” 1Corinthians 7:9 NIV

God selected my wife before I was born. He made her just for me and although He’s eager to bring us together, He’s waiting for the “perfect” time. But when is the “perfect” time? Well, according to 1Corinthians 7:9 the “perfect” time is any time before a person’s sexual passion begins to burn out. Men and women begin to experience this at a different age. For instance, according to research, male sexual desire spikes at age 30. This means sexual passion begins burning out once a man turns 31. For woman, this happens at a different age but I’m not gonna’ get into that.

On September 1st 2015, I turn 31. This means the “perfect” time for me to get married is anytime between now and then, hopefully sooner than later. If this is true, and I’m reading God right, then before the end of the year I’ll be married and having sexual intercourse with a woman.

I can’t wait to get married. For twenty years my mom and I have been praying for God to provide me with a wife. And not just any plain-Jane wife. We’ve been asking God to give me a really really really beautiful Christian wife. A woman who’s interested in my favorite hobbies, likes to cook and eat my favorite foods, has pretty hair, is friendly, can sing like an angel, and is someone I’ll enjoy having sexual intercourse with all the time.

Marriage is gonna’ be so so fun, but only if she meets all my criteria. This narrows it down to . . . Julie W, a woman from my church, whom I believe God has chosen for me. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed and if I’m right then I’m gonna’ owe God big time.

Julie is perfect but there’s one problem – she’s currently dating Jeff, a Christian guy in her High school senior class. They both attend my church youth group so I see them all the time. However, the good news is a girl in her prayer group told me that Julie‘s gonna’ dump Jeff because she keeps finding weird porn on his phone. The rumor is he’s addicted and can’t help himself. Hopefully this is true and Julie dumps Jeff and marries me.

Me: Jake J. Zimmermann

If Julie and I decide to get married I’ll need to prepare us both. To do this, I need to let her know I’m 100% pure and will remain so until we get married, at which time I’ll remain eternally faithful to her. This will let her know I’m available and serious. It’ll also motivate her to breakup with Jeff ASAP, and it’ll provide her with a sense of security, as she’s able to rest in the fact that she’s getting me.  So how and when am I going to do this?

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. At least it was until 2004, when Liberty Counsel replaced the morally bankrupt holiday with “Day of Purity.” Now, February 14th is a day for Christians all over America to take a stand for Purity. We don’t have to buckle under the pressure of our sexually perverse culture. Together, we can lock arms and fight back by letting our voices be heard. To accomplish this, on February 14th, I encourage you to:

1. Wear an abstinence shirt, a purity shirt, or a white shirt to represent purity.
2. Show your commitment to purity by signing the Purity Pledge (below).
3. Make a public declaration by posting online a signed copy of the Purity Pledge.
4. Spread the word and encourage others by printing copies of your signed Purity Pledge and giving them to family, friends, churches, and future spouses.

Students holding purity pledges and T-shirts promoting “Day of Purity.”

Please follow my example. On February 14th I will be doing numbers 1-4 (above) and posting my signed copy of the Purity Pledge on my Facebook page and on Purity Project Facebook page. Also, on that day I will hand deliver a copy of my signed Purity Pledge to Julie, at her parents home. Hopefully, this will inspire her to sign the Purity Pledge which I’ll give her.

Before reading the Purity Pledge, I hope you’ll reflect on the following words of wisdom:
“You don’t need an outlet for sexual expression, you need more of God.”
Danna Gesh, author of Lies Young Women Believe, founder of Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl

The video below shows a young man making an ANTI-abstinence pledge. Please pray for him.


How has your life changed since you signed the Purity Pledge?  How has your relationship with your family, friends, church, and/or future spouse changed since you gave them a signed copy of the Purity Pledge? Did I leave something off the Purity Pledge? If so, send me a message – I don’t wanna’ leave any loopholes.

Happy Valentine’s Day of Purity,
Jake Z

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